A Sundowner's Paradise

Unused areas of a home present great opportunities to increase living space and add value. A built-in custom concrete BBQ, some bench seating with clever fabric choices and voilà the perfect spot for a rosé sundowner.

The Brief

This client had an unused back deck that received amazing afternoon sunshine, but needed a makeover to create a more compelling leisure space. The brief was that it needed a BBQ, seating and storage space. I decided to make a statement with a fully built-in custom washed concrete BBQ benchtop. Bench seating around the outside of their existing patio fence would be a great functional addition with some custom cushions hugging the poles and storage space underneath the seats. A stylish circular white terrazzo table and some considered finishing touches has created a luxurious new entertaining space.




"Thank you for turning an unused part of our home into a luxurious new entertaining space where we can have a wine with friends and soak in the afternoon sun."