Airbnb Conversion

Airbnb has opened the gates for people to earn a passive income from extra space in their homes while they travel the world or work from anywhere. With a little creativity you too can jump on board the Airbnb bandwagon.

The Brief

These clients had a two-car garage on a separate lot of their property that was simply ripe for a quick renovation for Airbnb. The brief was to transform this old garage into a stylish beachside cottage. The genius came in creating a space that maximised the small floor space, yet felt open and sophisticated. A palette of calming green and white tones with black cabinetry was chosen, with pops of natural timbers. To reduce costs the existing garage floor was ground and polished, which contributed to even more neutral tones. With only a small 35sqm space to fit a dining room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom planning was critical. Claire opened up a wall with full sliding doors to let plenty of natural light in while a custom-made black reo plant wall separated the living from sleeping areas in a stylish and clever way.


"Thanks to Claire, this quick garage conversion has turned an unused space into a money making machine while adding significant value to our overall home."