Bold Pops

A little bit of elbow grease and a keen eye can turn a plain canvas into something that shines. This one tapped Sunshine Coast Interior Designs absolute love of artwork, especially the hidden kind.

The Brief

I love working with art and when a client says, she has “a couple of pieces I haven’t done anything with” I know we’re onto a winner. This client didn’t have a lot to spend, but had a little goldmine in unframed artworks hiding under the bed and in cupboards. I got to work with my local framer and we went about adding some much needed colour to this beachside home. While not wanting “objects out on display for the sake of it” I was able to add some bold pops with new soft furnishings,more energy, and so much amazing artwork. Innovatively crafted with great respect for the client’s wishes, we got to work to create a masterpiece.


“It took Claire’s energy and enthusiasm to get me moving on this one. I didn’t see what we could do on such a small budget, but I knew we needed a refresh. Claire got to work and soon had me brushing off artworks that I’d kept hidden away for years.”