Neutrals and Navy

Sunshine Coast Interior Design create inspired design with timeless elegance by using muted and understated blues, stones and greys and adding pops of colour for a striking effect.

The Brief

Many of my clients are relocating or downsizing, which often involves trying to fit a lot of stuff into a smaller space. For this new home on the Sunshine Coast the brief was to create relaxed, social spaces using what they already had and adding to it with some targeted personal shopping. After sorting through endless amounts of furniture I kept what was needed, sold the rest and hung more art than most art galleries to create casual spaces that are relaxed yet vibrant.


“Claire has an absolute knack for grouping and hanging artwork. Upon first glance I couldn’t see how it could all fit in, or what would go together, or how things could be hung differently, but she skillfully selected and placed our pieces to great effect.”